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Record start, unheard of for a French film since 2018

The very first feature film Kaamelott is already in its third day of play in our darkrooms. While the film shown during the previews has already set new records, the release of the first part of Kaamelott also coincided with the launch of the health pass in cultural locations, which therefore also include cinemas.

Unheard of for a French film since 2018

With no films for more than a year and a half, the pandemic has struck cinemas in favor of video-on-demand platforms. But since the reopening, cinema fever seems to be still going on. First with Adieu les Cons, then with Demon Slayer.

But Kaamelott’s first part signs a new entry record. Alexandre Astier’s feature film, which has been in cinemas since Wednesday, is getting off to a phenomenal start in France. 420,000 viewers saw the film that accompanies the cult series broadcast on M6 between 2005 and 2009. But if the number is impressive, then so are the previews from Tuesday, the day before applying for the sanitary pass at the cultural sites.

Incredible …

You are four hundred and twenty three thousand nine hundred and twenty two and have seen # KV1 which was released yesterday.

It’s din-go.

A little gift :
the “Epic Edition” poster by Foufou Nicolas Bory

@SNDfilms @Kaamelott_tweet pic.twitter.com/I9c0XqAVCZ

July 22, 2021

Without a preview, the numbers are less impressive

In fact, and this is probably due to the application for the health passport, only 116,000 entries were recorded on Wednesday. We can therefore assume that the inauguration of the health pass on Wednesday forced viewers to travel without restrictions on Tuesday for the final sessions. But even without the previews, Kaamelott’s first part signs the best reboot for a French film since We’re Released Together in May 2019. Including the previews, it’s the best since La Ch’tite Famille in February 2018.

The rest of films like Space Jam 2: A New Era, which released on July 14th, are disappointing as not only was it murdered by critics in the US and France, but it has only gained 25,000 fans worldwide since its release. The spin-off The Spiral: The Legacy of Saw, also released on Wednesday, has so far only attracted 5,700 curious people, including previews.


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