“Rebelde”: The teen soap that has already conquered the top 10 on Netflix in Portugal


“Rebelde”: The teen soap that has already conquered the top 10 on Netflix in Portugal

It’s a Mexican production set in a high school that opened this Wednesday, January 5th. There are 8 episodes in total.

One of the most popular television productions in Mexico between 2004 and 2006 was the youth telenovela “Rebelde”. It was inspired by “Rebelde Way”, an Argentine soap opera that was adapted by SIC years later. Now, all those years later, a series-form remake premiered on Netflix on Wednesday January 5th.

Some of the story elements are identical, although the main characters are different and the narrative is different. The new “Rebelde” promises to appeal to fans of youth series such as the Spanish “Elite”. In Portugal, it has already gained a place in the top 10 trends on the streaming platform: it is currently in ninth place.

In eight episodes we follow the everyday life of the students in the corridors of the Elite Way School. In this renowned boarding school there is a multitude of tensions and a competitive environment. One of the tests that take place at the school is the band competition, which several students are dying to win and which will be the focus of the action.

“Along the way, love and friendship blossom between the members of the group while a mysterious secret society tries to sabotage their dreams of becoming the next great music star,” reads the synopsis published by Netflix.

Azul Gualta plays Jana Cohen, a character who is known on social media and is therefore the envy of some colleagues. She is a talented singer-songwriter determined to give everything to win the school’s band competition.

Giovanna Grigo is Emilia, a student who came from Brazil on a scholarship. At first, she is not very valued by her peers, even for her sarcastic jokes. She has dated a boy named Sebastián Langarica and thinks he can help her with the music competition. But it also hides a romance.

Alexandro Puente is the actor who plays Sebastián Langarica. He is a popular student, the son of an eminent politician who is determined to win the competition. He’s already dating Emilia, but now he’s dating Jana, which will create some tension.

Another main character is Esteban (Sergio Mayer Mori). He is described as a shy heartthrob who wants to be successful in the music competition, but also wants to solve the mysterious disappearance of his mother.

Andrea Chaparro plays Maria José – or simply MJ. Although she is the daughter of Mexican women, she grew up in the USA. She has a lot of humor and a good mood, but also takes music very seriously, not least because she sees it as a way to become more independent from her conservative family.

Actor Jerónimo Castillo turns the Colombian Dixon, one of the most rebellious students in the school, into a fan of punk and rap. Dixon will make many friends and get very close to a certain colleague.

Lizeth Selene will play Andi. As a drummer and singer, she’s pretty independent and confident, which some people mistake for arrogance. Her parents do not support her musical career, but Andi is determined to start a career in this field. She is openly lesbian and has a relationship with another student.

Finally, Franco Marsini plays Luka Colucci. He is an Argentinian who comes from a powerful family and has a difficult relationship with his father. Luka sarcastically and competitively wants to belong to the group of protagonists.

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