Read only the first pages of Fernando Ribeiro’s new book here


Read only the first pages of Fernando Ribeiro’s new book

The Moonspell singer is releasing his first novel “Bairro Sem Destino” this Tuesday, May 17th.

After poems and short stories, it was the turn of the novel: Fernando Ribeiro has a new book that will be published this Tuesday, May 17th. “Bairro Sem Output” is the musician’s first novel and can read the first few pages here exclusively.

This new book and its story, edited by Suma de Letras, emerged in January as “a kind of boon for literary muses,” according to the author himself.

The story takes place in what looks like Brandoa, the area of ​​Amadora where the Moonspell singer grew up. There he also follows the maturity of Rogério Paulo, a name referring to a 1970s actor whom the author’s mother liked. Throughout the process, the protagonist realizes that a wealthy neighborhood will invade and try to end the customs of the poor neighborhood, which, as usual – and despite all the problems – was the neighborhood where people came together.

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Posted by Suma de Letras Portugal on Tuesday 11th May 2021

Throughout the plot, there is no shortage of high points like the connection to heavy metal, drug addiction, and even some true detail added to the fiction.

If you want, you can buy “Bairro Sem Output” in advance for € 17.70. And the copies are even signed.

Better than knowing what Fernando Ribeiro’s book is about is to be able to read it first hand. At least the first few pages. Click on the gallery to get to know them.