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Ramelow warns protesters in the hotspot Hildburghausen | Free press

The Hildburghausen district in Thuringia is currently the most difficult corona hot spot in Germany. Nevertheless, hundreds of people protest in the evening against stricter infection control rules – much to the chagrin of Prime Minister Ramelow.

Erfurt (dpa) – Thuringia’s Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left) has called on people in the Hildburghausen district, which has been badly affected by corona, to adhere to the new infection protection rules.

A major effort is being made to “protect the life and limb of people” with stricter measures, he said Wednesday after a switch between Prime Minister and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU).

But he saw pictures that showed hundreds of people gathered in the market. These people had signaled that they were not interested in the infection process in their environment. “You are in the district with the highest infection rate in all of Germany, but you indicate that you are more likely to reject the measures to prevent the infections,” said Ramelow.

According to police, about 400 people gathered in the town of Hildburghausen on the market square on Wednesday evening – in violation of the current Thuringian Infection Protection Ordinance and the general decision of the Hildburghausen district – to demonstrate against the strict rules. To end the protests, officials also used pepper spray, police said at night. According to the information, there were no injuries.

According to figures from the Robert Koch Institute, Hildburghausen had 526.9 cases of infection per 100,000 inhabitants per week – this is the highest infection rate in the entire country. From a value of 50, a region is considered a risk area.


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