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Erfurt (dpa/th) – Thuringia’s red-red-green minority government of Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left) must campaign for opposition support for each of its projects in the state parliament after the failed state elections.

CDU faction leader Mario Voigt does not see his group as a majority procurer after the canceled dissolution of the state parliament, which was jointly carried out by the Left, SPD, Greens and CDU. “We are not here to secure the policy of a red-red-green minority government,” Voigt of the German news agency in Erfurt said.

The transitional agreement with Rood-Red-Green, which aimed to dissolve the state parliament, will expire at the start of the parliamentary summer break, Voigt confirmed. The group leader of the Greens, Astrid Rothe-Beinlich, fears no government crisis. The government of the left called on all parliamentary groups to curb the influence of a far-right AfD on parliamentary decisions.

Ramelow’s three-party coalition is missing four votes in the state parliament – the term runs until 2024. The AfD, led by right-wing Björn Höcke, is the second largest parliamentary faction in Erfurt after the left.

The Greens faction leader called on the CDU to “not just sit on the sidelines and abuse”. She too had to make suggestions on how the practical work could be continued in the state parliament. The biggest challenge is the budget for 2022. “When in doubt, we should form an alliance with those who want to take responsibility,” says Rothe-Beinlich of the Public Prosecution Service.

Unlike Rothe-Beinlich, the CDU leader expects growing problems for red-red-green in the state parliament. “This is a situation where standstill can threaten.” Voigt did not rule out selective support for his group when it came to political projects that the CDU also pursues.

The left-wing state executive confirmed it has held the new Thuringian state parliament election and sees it as the only possible political response to the February 5, 2020 taboo violation, when the CDU and FDP, along with the AfD, elected short-term Prime Minister Thomas Kemmerich (FDP).

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