Queen Maeve is sure to be THE main character of the third season


Be careful, if you haven’t seen the second season of The Boys series, we recommend you stop reading.

The loot starts here. The Boys’ second season was hugely successful, although some critics would have liked the binge watcher ASAP. We’d already mentioned the new characters that would appear in Season 3, like the Soldier Boy, and why not Shaquille O’Neal, who would see himself as part of the Seven of Vought. Now we have to deal with a central theme of season three before we can see it for ourselves: Queen Maeve’s future among our favorite boys.

Queen Maeve in season 2 of The Boys

Most of The Boys’ characters reached a turning point by the end of season two. Butcher had to make up his mind to take care of Ryan (for a short time, admittedly) when Becca had just died before his eyes. Hughie has decided to break away from Butcher, Kimiko appears to have calmed down, Homelander is more lonely than ever but remains the most powerful sup in the world, and Queen Maeve has proven far less exhausted than she seemed. The latter interests us in this article as Queen Maeve experienced several significant developments during the series, particularly due to the arrival of Stella among the Seven.

With the scene shown above surrounded by Kimiko and Stella, Queen Maeve brings Stormfront a good lesson. We finally have the proof we have been waiting for since the beginning of the series: Queen Maeve is not lost, she returned from the abyssal depths where there is no hope to rise to the surface and fight like the Stella asked him in season 2. In the final episode, she plays another particularly important role, convincing Homelander to let Ryan and Butcher go thanks to the video of the plane incident.

Queen Maeve and the upcoming season 3

Dominique McElligott, the actress who plays Queen Maeve for The Boys, recently responded to an interview for EntertainmentWeekly and took the opportunity to discuss her character’s future on the series:

As an actress playing Maeve, the basic little thing I feel when I’m doing a scene that matters. Is she completely desperate? And has this glimmer of hope (…) disappeared? To me, everything about Maeve, what she does, what she says, is so raw and so hard that it can be considered uncomfortable. But what I really like about her journey is that you are wondering if she will find salvation. Will it not only survive but thrive too? But how is that possible for Maeve to really thrive towards progress? Has she gone too far to come back? We don’t really know. We have to hope that there is a happy ending for Maeve …

Dominique McElligott here perfectly describes the progression of the character who is easy to judge and has lived too many difficult things to imagine a better future. Like us, Dominique McElligott hopes Maeve will find redemption, particularly with regards to the episode in which she has to get off a free falling plane with Homelander, an episode she has followed since season 1 and during season 2. Is that why he’s continuing his psychological journey that is so interesting in Season 3? Dominique McElligott has reconsidered the question, and for her it will necessarily go through Elena. This time she told The Wrap Media:

I think Maeve and Elena’s relationship is complicated. I think Maeve has a deep love for Elena and no matter what, she will protect her, whether they are together or not. This part (separation) doesn’t matter to her as Maeve regards Elena as her family. In the world Maeve lived in, she doesn’t have many relatives within the Vought Company, so Elena is very important to her. (…) I just hope we’ll see Elena again.

According to the actress, Maeve’s development in season 3 will necessarily go through Elena. Maeve actually needed a trigger, which was Stella. The latter undoubtedly has the enthusiasm of youth that Maeve no longer has, and had the merit of never ceasing to fight, even after the particularly twisted slap of the human fish and the multiple atrocities he committed, and they quickly lived with Vought. Maeve needed a message of hope, and that message was embodied in the character of Stella. Now that Queen Maeve has “awakened” and decided to stand in the way of the Protector, Elena will surely be her only ally.

In addition, Elena will be the one who keeps her in the real world. Queen Maeve might actually embark on a quest where death is the only way out against the legendary Supe who is Homelander, and Elena might be the only one preventing him from dying or committing suicide in battle to get that Raise awareness. . Regardless, Queen Maeve will be a big part of the upcoming third season thanks to her earlier development and the fact that she finally has to face Homelander.