PvP closed beta for Overwatch 2 is set to launch on April 26, 2022 – Find the complete news here!!

For Overwatch 2, the PvP closed beta is set to start on April 26, 2022. Sojourn, a new hero, was added to the game last week in a developer update. There are four more maps and a new game mode called “Push.”

Signing up for the beta can be done by going to the official website or by clicking the link in the tweet below. People who want to join can do this. Participants will be chosen based on a number of factors, such as where they live on Battle.net, when they signed up, and what kind of computer they have. In the closed beta, you can only play on PC. Console players will get the full version of the game.

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Players will also need to own a copy of Overwatch 1 in order to play the beta. A drop-down menu may be coming to the launcher. Users can scroll down until they see “In Development,” then choose the closed beta option. In the same way that they run PTR (Public Test Region) sessions.

In this case, players will get an email invitation from their Battle.net account, which will give them direct access to the app. The studio hasn’t said how many players will be in the beta, but they will decide based on what they need to do to test the game.

“We also want to make sure that the game’s matchmaking system stays healthy during this phase of testing,” says Ubisoft. “We want to make sure that the game’s matchmaking system stays healthy.” If we think we need more people to test new features or keep games running smoothly, we’ll add people from our opt-in pool to the Closed Beta, the blog post says.

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Players have been asking for Overwatch 2 to add a new white-haired hero called Sojourn, as well as a new 5v5 game mode called GOAT since the GOAT meta hit in 2019. Two damage characters, one tank, and two support characters will now be the only roles in this new game. In the update, the hero Doomfist has been moved to the tank role as part of the changes.

Circuit Royal and Midtown are two of four new maps that have been added. Circuit Royal is an Escort map. Then there’s the new Push mode, which is basically an opposite tug-of-war, where the two teams push the goal to one side or the other. This mode is called Push mode. ‘New Queen Street’ and ‘Colosseo’ are two new maps that Blizzard is making for this.

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Another feature that people have been asking for is the ping system, which will help people who don’t have a microphone or who have problems with their speech communicate better in the game. Last week, Blizzard also ran an alpha PvP test that was only open to its employees and professional Esports players – under NDA – to see how well the game worked for them.

Following the sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination cases against the company that was filed late last year, Overwatch 2 development was put on hold for a short time. Aaron Keller, the new game director, says that development is going well in the new developer update video. In order to avoid getting caught up in the lawsuits, Jeff Kaplan left the company.

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