pursued by the police, he cuts his penis


On August 25, an American reacted particularly surprisingly to a police check that he was trying to escape.

An unusual reaction

Tyson Gilbert, an American from Tennessee, cut his penis open while trying to escape the police. The 39-year-old escaped when the police approached him to check him, he was stopped on the highway, which is very dangerous. Police followed the man in two districts while Tyson Gilbert had time to sever his penis and toss his organ out the car window.

During the pursuit, the American stopped briefly near Old Liberty Road. Police said when he opened his door he was naked and covered in blood. Finally, Tyson Gilbert closed his door and fled again. The police finally managed to intercept the vehicle with adhesive tape. The man was arrested after a few attempts.

Radio-commanded mutilation

Tyson Gilbert was taken to the nearest hospital for treatment. No information is yet available about his state of health. The American said he cut his penis because voices on his car radio ordered him to mutilate himself in order to “save the world”.

In 2020, the man had already been charged with attempted car theft and denial at the Nashville, Tennessee airport. If this article has interested you, you will surely love to know that there is money to be made from singing out of tune.