Protests in Myanmar continue – police intervene | Free press

The military in Myanmar continues to brutally suppress the protests. But the protesters are unimpressed and continue to protest against the junta. Hundreds of thousands take to the streets.

Yangon (AP) – Despite police brutality, hundreds of thousands of people across the country protested against the military junta in Myanmar on Saturday. Protesters blocked the streets in numerous cities, eyewitnesses and local media reported.

With the brick and sandbag barricades they wanted to protect themselves from police brutality, a man in Yangon’s largest city (former name: Rangoon) told the German news agency. The security forces again attacked protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets and also set fire to the barricades, as can be seen in photos on social media.

At least 38 people were killed in protests against the military coup in former Burma on Wednesday alone, when police shot protesters with live ammunition. The number could continue to rise as many people were injured, some seriously.

On February 1, the military staged a coup against de facto Prime Minister Suu Kyi. The 75-year-old had won the November parliamentary elections by a clear margin. Since the coup, there have been repeated mass protests in Myanmar. The army has recently tried with increasing seriousness to break the resistance.

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