Protests against the military in Myanmar continue | Free press


Thousands again protest in Myanmar against the military coup. As the junta tries to break any resistance, the UN is calling for more international pressure on the military.

Yangon / Geneva (dpa) – More than three months after the coup in Myanmar, thousands of people continue their protests against the military government.

“Today is 100 days since the coup, and the country is dying under the control of (junta leader) Min Aung Hlaing, who never thinks about our people,” protester Kyaw Theht told the German news agency on Tuesday during protests in the big city. . from Yangon. In other cities too, such as Mandalay or Dawei, people took to the streets again for freedom and democracy.

The army had staged a coup d’état on February 1 and deposed Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi. Since then, the Southeast Asian country has been sunk in chaos and violence. The military tries to brutally suppress any resistance. The AAPP prisoner aid organization estimates that at least 781 people have died since the coup. The UN Human Rights Office in Geneva said human rights are being trampled on in Myanmar. At the same time, it called for more international pressure.

Meanwhile, three journalists from the online media and broadcaster Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) who fled Myanmar were arrested in Thailand for reporting on the protests. They allegedly entered Thailand illegally. The broadcaster appealed to the authorities not to return them. Their lives are in serious danger in Myanmar, it said. In the former Burma, the military has already revoked licenses from various media organizations. Dozens of journalists are said to have been arrested.

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