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The opponents of the corona policy had again chosen Leipzig to vent their dissatisfaction. But the motorcades turned out to be smaller than expected. And there were counter-protesters cycling.

Leipzig (dpa) – The protest from opponents of the corona policy was much smaller in Leipzig than announced. At the same time, the motorcades from various cities in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt met widespread resistance on Saturday.

Hundreds of protesters were cycling in the city to position themselves on and along the routes. Police estimated the participants in the various actions under the slogan “slow lateral thinking” to be more than 1000. After blockades on one of the routes, one of the car parades with about 160 vehicles had to be diverted – it started more than two hours later in the district Grünau.

In the city, about 1000 vehicles were registered in various car parades on Saturday. Ultimately, however, the initiators managed to mobilize far fewer supporters. Police said there were about 350 cars. Together with the police, they drove to Leipzig from Naumburg, Dresden and Limbach-Oberfrohna (Zwickau district), among others. For example, they had put posters on their car windows expressing their displeasure with the vaccinations. According to the police, several participants had covered their license plates at the starting point in Leipzig-Grünau. Emergency services had taken action against this, it said.

After a violent counter-protest, such a parade ended in Halle in the morning. According to a spokeswoman for the Halle police, about 100 people have prevented the vehicles from gathering in the city, some of them by force. The police had taken ‘measures’ against the counter-protesters. Property damage had occurred on both sides, he said. Another convoy in Plauen was canceled by the organizer in the morning, according to the police. The assembly authorities were notified of about 200 participants for this purpose. Due to the high corona incidence in Vogtland, only one route in the region was approved for him.

In Leipzig, an alliance of associations, initiatives, parties and unions had called for resistance against the opponents of the corona measures. Demonstrators from different parts of the city had cycled and motorbikes to the city center for a meeting at Augustusplatz. Irena Rudolph-Kokot of the action network “Leipzig takes place” was very pleased with the response. The influx was so great that participants had to be expelled. She talked about more than 1,500 people.

The police were deployed in large numbers in the city, also so that the events of November would not repeat themselves. At the time, a rally from critics of the Corona measures got out of hand and caused a nationwide uproar. Tens of thousands of participants had gathered in the city center violating Corona requirements in rows. When the city disbanded the rally, the protesters forced a march across the ring road of downtown Leipzig, although it was prohibited.

The concept clearly worked this time. There were no significant incidents, it said in the evening from the press service of the Leipzig police. Police officers from other states and helicopters were also present; An armored vehicle was stationed at the city’s vaccination center.

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