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Promo on this super fast external SSD from Crucial

Recently, you were offered several external hard drives to store your documents, photos, and videos, but all of them were mechanical. We are moving up a gear with this offer, as it is an ultra-fast external SSD drive from Crucial.

A portable SSD for even faster speeds

We have known for some time that an SSD is much faster than a conventional mechanical hard drive and that it is precisely this SSD that is integrated into this Crucial box.

As mentioned before, it is much faster than a traditional hard drive as it offers read speeds of up to 1050 MB / s. Here is the information Crucial gives about throughputs:

Load movies 1.8 times faster than most portable SSDs, 7.5 times faster than external hard drives, and 100 times faster than USB drives.

In addition, it is compatible with many devices and operating systems:

Windows, Mac, iPad Pro, Chromebook, Android, Linux, PS4 and Xbox.

This is possible thanks to the USB-C 3.2 Gen2 connection, but it is possible to use the supplied USB-C / USB-A adapter.

Typically, an external 1TB SSD of this type costs no less than 170 euros, but this has just gone up to 115 euros, which is a discount of around 30%.

Why succumb to this SSD?

MUCH faster than a traditional USB-C external hard drive connection with a RUGGED brand adapter

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