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Progress in peace talks in Afghanistan | Free press

Kabul and the Taliban have been negotiating peace for more than two months. After a long period of inactivity, the conflict parties are now reporting progress. But there are still hurdles.

Doha / Kabul (dpa) – More than two months after the Afghan peace negotiations began, the conflicting parties first reported significant progress.

The extremists’ spokesman, Mohammed Naeem, announced on Saturday that negotiators for the militant Islamist Taliban and the government had clarified important procedural issues in Qatar. The Kabul negotiators have confirmed their agreement in principle, but it is not yet official.

The bitterly poor country is struggling with drought, devastating corona consequences and especially conflicts. The Taliban are fighting the West-backed government.

Both sides of the conflict agreed 21 principles for the actual substantive negotiations on November 15. However, the government’s negotiating delegation said that “further discussion and clarification” was required. The agreement has yet to be ratified by a meeting of both negotiating teams. Until now, both parties have usually met in small groups.

The government recently denied reports from Afghan broadcaster Tolonews of a breakthrough. Government spokesman Sedik Sedikki said on Wednesday that some of the Taliban’s demands were incompatible with the constitution. Sedikki did not give details.

In a virtual donors conference on Tuesday, the international community pledged further billions in aid to Afghanistan over the next four years. However, the willingness to donate declined. Donor countries also made development aid dependent on the future of the peace talks. After decades of conflict, the country remains dependent on humanitarian aid.

The Taliban have been talking to representatives of the Afghan Republic about peace since September 12. The trial was bogged down in litigation over procedural issues. The Taliban continue to reject a ceasefire. Host country Qatar had assumed the role of mediator. The conflict in the country continues brutally.

In late February, the Taliban signed an agreement with the US providing for the gradual withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. The peace negotiations are the main concession the US has won from the Taliban. In return, the Islamists pledged to cut ties with other terrorists.


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