Professor Xavier in the worst case after that meeting with Deadpool


Deadpool is a very different character from other Marvel heroes. In addition to his ability to break through the fourth wall and speak to his viewers without intermediaries, he has a deranged mind where chaos reigns. It’s up to them that Marvel’s superheroes get it too by facing him directly …

Warning: This article contains loot for the Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe comic series. If you don’t want to be pampered, read no further.

When Deadpool goes into a tailspin …

Dark thoughts rule the twists and turns of Deadpool’s mind. This is no surprise to anyone who knows the hero. Yet Marvel’s superheroes didn’t seem to have gotten around to it yet. In Cullen Bunn’s Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, multiple groups of superheroes will face the antihero and face a version of him more unleashed than ever.

The comic series illustrates the adventures of a Deadpool who completely loses control by attacking his little friends, the superheroes. His madness then seems to be made worse by the brainwashing of the super villains of the universe who have tried to silence the voices in his head in order to make him a helpful henchman.

Even so, the tormented ghost of our dear Deadpool resists (if we can put it that way) and remains true to its madness. Then nothing can stop it. The man keeps fighting, leaving only a pile of lifeless corpses of lifeless superheroes.

The mind not to be immersed in

With the goal of finally stopping the grueling madness of Deadpool, the X-Men will take on the antihero. Unfortunately, it will degenerate quickly … The story will end in a real bloodbath, and any heroes who try to fight back will be killed in rather violent deaths.

In his wake he will meet Charles Xavier, who will try to penetrate his thoughts. Bad idea it seems. We know how twisted Deadpool can be, so one wonders how Professor Xavier thought this was a good idea. We suspected at the time that he would have a somewhat traumatic experience …

However, this will exceed all of our expectations. When Professor X sees Deadpool’s motives, what’s going on in his head and his most terrifying secrets, Professor X ends up completely motionless in his chair, brain dead.

What is certain is that the professor has finally discovered one of the most terrifying secrets in the Marvel universe, namely that everything the characters experience is actually fiction. Deadpool had known this for a very long time, who wanted to end the cycle of endless battles that heroes had plunged into for eternity. The revelation must have been a shock to Charles Xavier. Even if the hero has penetrated many tortured minds, it is the first time that he ends up in such a pathetic state.

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