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Prisoners of Ghostland is the new bizarre film directed by Nicolas Cage

Prisoners of Ghostland is the new bizarre film directed by Nicolas Cage

The actor plays a kind of samurai with explosives attached to his testicles. The mission is to rescue a missing young girl.

Nicolas Cage plays the unnamed protagonist.

At 58, Nicolas Cage has had a long career filled with blockbusters and films by major directors. Lately, however, the famous actor has been betting on starring in independent (and often a bit bizarre) films of various genres.

After “Mandy”, “Colour Out of Space” or “Pig” comes “Prisoners of Ghostland”, among others. Japanese filmmaker Sion Sono’s first English language film opens in Portugal this Thursday 17 February.

This isn’t just any story – in fact, Nicolas Cage described Prisoners of Ghostland as the “wildest movie” he’s ever read, a phrase that eventually got stamped on the production’s official poster.

The action takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, in a symbiosis between Western and Eastern cultures, in the fictional city of Samurai Town. Bernice (Sofia Boutella) is the adoptive granddaughter of the governor (Bill Moseley), the local warlord.

When she disappears without a trace, the governor recruits a bank robber (Nicolas Cage) who has been in prison for several years. Your mission is to find out Bernice’s whereabouts and return with her to Samurai Town. If you are successful, you are free to go.

The governor does not trust this ruthless criminal and dresses him in a leather suit with one very important detail: he is armed with several explosives. If he tries to remove his suit to run away, the explosives in his throat go up. When you touch Bernice, so does your arm. And if you’re excited, two explosives are attached to your testicles. You have five days to come back or your suit will self-destruct.

This is the great challenge of this nameless antihero who must face an epic journey full of action and violence to find the girl. He is a kind of samurai who, engrossed in this mission, will embark on the path of salvation.

60-year-old Japanese Sion Sono is a filmmaker known for his hyperbolization of violence or elements such as film’s colors. Nicolas Cage had wanted to work with him for a long time, as he admitted in an interview with the American magazine “Entertainment Weekly”.

“I was so thrilled to be a part of his vision and his world. I never questioned it. If I did anything, it was to protect him. I wanted to do a Sion Sono film because I knew I could work with some of my more abstract ideas in his vision,” he explained.

In terms of the script, he thinks he immediately grasped the “societal relevance” of the story. “These times are very sensitive. They don’t want to do anything that might offend the opposite sex. I always try to be a gentleman and I find that [os explosivos em torno do seu corpo e, especificamente, dos testículos] it was an example, almost like a no-touch warning!”

Prisoners of Ghostland was supposed to be filmed in the Mexican desert to give it an east-west aura, but Sion Sono suffered a heart attack just before filming began. So filming moved to Japan – Nicolas Cage was one of those who encouraged this.

Despite some elements considered original, the film hasn’t been well received by critics. The cast also includes names such as Nick Cassavetes, Tak Sakaguchi, Charles Glover, Tetsu Watanabe and Shin Shimizu.

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