Prisoner escapes in a dog cage

The story we are talking about goes back a few years but was recently updated by some American media outlets, especially those in Kansas, which revealed all the details of a strange case: A woman took her boyfriend out of the world Prison in a dog cage.

It’s a pretty crazy story

The Lansing Correctional Center in Kansas, USA, established a program in 2005 that allowed inmates to groom and train multiple dogs. The benefits of this type of program are well documented: Research has shown that spending time with dogs produces something that no other form of rehabilitation can produce: affection and love.

Toby Young, a 48-year-old woman, was hired to take all of these dogs to jail in a van. However, one day, despite taking precautionary measures, an inmate attacked Toby Young. A 27-year-old prisoner named John Manard, who became Toby’s hero and protector, intervened. The duo then met and the two fell in love, although the inmate was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and Toby was now married and had two children.

Toby Young and John Manard.

After their romance began, John Manard had an idea: to use one of the dog houses to escape. The inmate, who is six feet tall, waited to shed 25 kilos to be sure he could enter the cage reserved for the dogs. And the plan worked on February 12, 2006. It was terribly cold that day and the guards didn’t come out to check Toby Young’s equipment when Toby Young left. So she could easily leave with her lover who had slipped into one of the dog houses.

John Manard.

The couple then went to a remote cabin in Tennessee. When police were able to trace it back to that location, they discovered fake IDs, sex toys and a guitar, suggesting the two refugees had a plan to live incognito. But the plan failed on a day trip to Chattanooga (Tennessee’s fourth largest city), where the couple was spotted. Manard returned to life imprisonment and Toby Young was also given two years in prison.

She has since been released and remarried. As funny as it is surprising, her new husband Chris is said to have become very good friends with John Manard after his wife told him about all of his past adventures. We hope someone has kept an eye on the trio since then, at the risk of a new escape plan being orchestrated. Speaking of prison, if you want to know how the Baby Shark song was used to torture prisoners, you can check out our previous article on the subject.

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