“Prison Break” star reveals autism

“Prison Break” star reveals autism

Actor Wentworth Miller was diagnosed during last year’s quarantine.

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller revealed in an Instagram post that he discovered he had autism during last year’s quarantine: “Like everyone else, the quarantine took things away from me. But in the silence / loneliness I found unexpected gifts, ”says the actor.

Miller admits that he is not ashamed of the diagnosis, even adding, “It’s something that wouldn’t change … Being autistic is central to me and to everything I’ve accomplished.” In the publication, he gives more details about the diagnosis that he said was made in autumn 2020.

According to the National Health Service website, “Autism is a central nervous system disorder that manifests itself in childhood and is characterized by difficulties in communication and social interaction, and repetitive and stereotypical behaviors, interests, or activities.” Most cases are diagnosed in children when failures in personal development are noticed. Wentworth, on the other hand, made this discovery as an adult: “Access to a diagnosis is a privilege that many do not,” the actor admits in the publication.

Knowing that he is in a privileged position over others in the autistic community, Miller stresses that he does not want to be an uninformed voice on the subject and that he lets other people with the autism spectrum speak, which they often do. t have the opportunity to do so when the rest of society speaks for itself. “I just want to raise my hand and say ‘I’m here’.”

The “Prison Break” star ends the release by thanking everyone who has shown him kindness and a willingness to allow him to travel the world in ways that make sense to him, when it may not make sense to everyone else results.

His Instagram bio has also been changed, stating that he is autistic and neurodivergent.

Also, read this NiT article to learn more about Wentworth Miller’s life, which was marked by suicide attempts, depression, and homophobia.

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