Primavera Sound tested concerts without social distance – and there was no outbreak

Primavera Sound tested concerts without social distance – and there was no outbreak

Masks, disinfectants and tests were carried out. The aim is to demonstrate that the concert halls must not be risky places.

It happened in December (the picture is illustrative).

In December, the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, ​​Spain, carried out an experiment in coordination with various health organizations. Together they organized a mini-festival with multiple performances to test a range of security measures.

The room had a capacity for 1,600 people and there were 1,000 volunteers who decided to take part. 463 watched the performances while the remaining 496 remained in a control group with no access to the room.

On that day, all participants had to wear masks, disinfect their hands frequently, but not practice any distance in the room. At the same time, rapid tests were carried out to determine possible Covid-19 infections.

A week later, the 1,000 participants took a second quick test. None of the 463 participants in the concerts were infected. In the control group of 496 people, two positive cases were identified – which also reflects the infections that can occur in people’s life together.

The organization therefore hopes to conclude that attending a concert in a concert hall with all these security measures is safe and low risk of infection. The experiment lasted five hours.

“Attending a concert with a range of safety measures, including a negative antigen test done that day, did not result in an increase in Covid-19 infections. We hope that these results will help save the concerts during the Covid-19 pandemic, ”said the authors of the experiment.

Last week, a study in Germany came to the conclusion that the risk of infection at concerts – with various safety measures – is minimal. In Portugal, the organizers of the festivals have already started a series of meetings with the Ministry of Culture so that major events can take place this year, albeit with severe restrictions.

In New Zealand, a country that has not had a Covid-19 case for several months, summer festivals have come back into force in the past few weeks. Several events brought together thousands and thousands of people without distance or mask – because there is no longer any risk.

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