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Price reduction for the sale of this 4K Ambilight Android TV LED TV

Sales are bountiful for this start of the year and if you’re looking to switch up your TV, now’s the time. If you’re interested in Philips TVs with Ambilight technology, here’s a great deal on the Philips 50PUS8546 model that also works on Android TV.

Philips 50PUS8546: Ambilight, the king of immersion

The Philips 50PUS8546 is an LED TV with a diagonal of 50 inches or approximately 127 cm. The latter displays a 4K UHD image (3840 x 2160 pixels) and is HDR compatible, so you have very good image quality with great contrast and very good brightness.

Where Philips stands out is its Ambilight technology. The latter has it on 3 sides as there are 3 LED strips that light up depending on the content you are watching. This will make you forget about the edges of the screen very quickly.

That’s not all, this Philips 50PUS8546 has everything to seduce since it uses Android TV or Google TV since the name change. You will therefore have access to the Play Store and its many applications such as Netflix, Prime Video… In addition, you can also activate Google Assistant using the remote control, since it has a small microphone and a dedicated button.

After going down to €749 before it went on sale, it’s just gone up to €649.99, a great price for this TV. Then we have a QLED model from TCL for under 450 euros.

3 good reasons to succumb

AmbilightAndroid TVValue for money

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