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Price reduction for its 2 fiber optic compatible 2000 Mbit/s CPL sockets

If your home does not allow you to have a good WiFi network available in all rooms due to load-bearing walls and other building materials, you still have the option of easily expanding your home network thanks to the technology of Powerline sockets. However, at the speeds that fiber optics offer, you shouldn’t go with just any SPS socket as it could limit your speed. That’s why we made a well-planned choice today for the CPL Neatgear package.

Netgear PLP2000-100FRS: up to 2000 Mbit/s throughput

The CPL Netgear package, which currently costs 69.72 euros instead of 149.99 euros, gives you the opportunity to expand your network in a few minutes, since you only have to plug it into a socket and sync, then the move is played , all you have to do is simply connect your console, PC or TV to the Ethernet port to benefit from fiber optic or very high speed.

We rely on retractable outlets that allow you to connect other devices, so you don’t have to sacrifice a power outlet to install your PLC box.

As far as performance is concerned, these are ultra-fast gigabit models that can reach up to 2 Gbit/s, so they are just perfect for 4K streaming, game streaming (GeForce Now, xCloud, …) or online gaming. There are 2 Ethernet ports under the box, meaning 2 devices can benefit from the network.

If you’re looking to replace your TV, we have a NEO QLED 100Hz model from Samsung that also benefits from recent sales.

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