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Price discount for the package with the VR headset, the V2 camera and the VR World game

Sony has announced the arrival of a new PSVR2 headset later this year, which should offer some nice improvements, especially when paired with the PlayStation 5. In the meantime, you can get a lot for the first version, which is already excellent.

PSVR: a complete package to get started with VR

Sony had surprised and achieved real success with the launch of its PSVR on the PlayStation 4, since the latter aims to be less expensive than its PC counterparts and offer its users an excellent experience.

If you’ve tested this famous PSVR and you’ve never taken the plunge because of the price, this may be the right time because the PSVR pack is in freefall with the arrival of PSVR2, since it’s now 199.99 euros instead of almost 300 costs euros. Here’s what it includes:

The VR HeadsetThe PlayStation CameraThe PlayStation VR Worlds GameA PlayStation Store CodeThe Processor UnitThe VR Headset Connection CablesThe Power SupplyOne HDMI CableOne USB CableThe Stereo HeadsetThe Earphones

And if you have a PS5 there is another pack with the adapter and 5 games (VR Worlds + Moss + Astrobot + Everybody’s Golf + Blood & Truth) for 229 euros instead of 329 euros. And for the record, here are the most downloaded games in 2021 on PS Store with fun surprises.

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