Prepare the scarves: The final and most emotional season of “This is Us” is just around the corner.


Prepare the scarves: The final and most emotional season of “This is Us” is just around the corner

The series, which specializes in shattering hearts, celebrates its final chapter this Tuesday, January 4th.

You will get on your nerves

It’s been six long years of laughter and tears. Lots and lots of tears. Now, in early 2022, This Is Us is preparing to end the Pearson family story. The multi-Emmy-winning production makes its official debut on NBC in the United States this Tuesday, January 4th. It will take 18 episodes to reach the long-awaited conclusion, although it remains unclear when they will air in Portugal, in this case on Fox Life, where the series airs.

Little is known about the characters’ ultimate fate at this time, although creator Dan Fogelman has left some clues. For example, the screenwriter and producer claims that Rebecca and Miguel’s relationship will be an important part of the new season.

Fogelman also revealed that among the 18 episodes there will be one that focuses only on Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and that for him this is “one of the best episodes in the entire series”.

“The fourth episode is one of the special episodes, very different. And here we see Milo Ventimiglia one of the best performances in the series. It’s his own episode, and it’s really, really, really good, “Fogelman told Entertainment Weekly.” It’s kind of a love letter from the scriptwriters to Jack and Milo, who played perfectly. “

Fogelman reveals about the new episodes that they are not only emotional, but also the “most ambitious” ones. “I always hesitate to say that this season is more emotional because then there are 9,000+ things that could make people cry (laughs), but as the story progresses you feel it is ending and you are thinking I believe that you feel the weight of all these emotions. “

Last season ended with several revelations, many in flashbacks, but also Rebecca’s health, which continues to deteriorate. Factors that will definitely shape the rest of the episodes.

“The series always focused on three things, family, time and memory,” he explains. “The story of Rebecca and her illness fits in there. Alzheimer’s is a disease of the family, not just of the person who has it. This is a family whose childhood and adult life are shaped by one another – and Rebecca’s illness will place them all in a difficult position. “

One thing is certain: the start of the new season, with the exception of this particular episode centered on Jack, will largely stay in the present without resorting to flashbacks. As the end approaches, temporal windows into the past and future open to shape the conclusion that will remain a mystery for the time being.

“It’s nostalgic, thoughtful. It’s a season with a comfortable but slow pace. It is intended. And some things have to be prepared so they can explode later, ”says Fogelman. “These early episodes deal with that – hopefully in a worthwhile way – and frame all of the big events that will come to an end.”

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