Prediction: Borisov’s party leads the way in new elections in Bulgaria | free press

Just three months ago, the GERB had won the parliamentary elections by more than 26 percent. Disclosures about grievances and corruption are now putting a damper on the country.

Sofia (AP) – Despite corruption charges, Bulgaria’s ex-Prime Minister Boiko Borissow’s party narrowly won parliamentary elections in the EU country on Sunday, but clearly missed an absolute majority.

The bourgeois GERB received 22.1 percent of the vote in the new election, according to the first predictions from the Gallup International Institute. According to this forecast, entertainer Slavi Trifonov’s populist party “There is such a people” ITN is likely to come in with a slight lead over GERB of 21.5 percent. The socialists (ex-KP) would have 15.1 percent. Six parties are likely to move back to the parliament in Sofia.

The parties of the anti-Borisov camp accuse former government leader Borisov of corrupt governance and exclude a coalition with his GERB party. Due to revelations by the current interim government in Sofia about grievances and corruption practices in key ministries, the GERB now performed worse than in the regular parliamentary elections on April 4. GERB won the elections three months ago by a whopping 26 percent. In the European Parliament, the GERB, like the German CDU and CSU, belongs to the European People’s Party (EPP).

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