“Pra Cima de Puta”: In her new book there are hundreds of insults for Cristina Ferreira

“Pra Cima de Puta”: In her new book there are hundreds of insults for Cristina Ferreira

It is a work that reflects on hate in social networks and points to the case of the presenter in the last few months since she returned to TVI.

“PEIXEIRA, impostors and impostors, sold”. “Turning coats, you’ll go to a place that made you feel very happy, but I’ve lost all of its value.” “Education is missing. Nothing that was spanked 40 years ago has not come undone. “” Holy shit, you can’t even get a man to fuck your pussy. Holy shit bitch. “

There are hundreds and hundreds of free insults and insults quoted – including with misspellings – in Cristina Ferreira’s new book “Pra Cima de Puta” published last Friday November 20th by Contraponto – and the results of which were like this good that it’s already in the second edition. It has 152 pages and is available for € 12.40.

The title was controversial. Cristina Ferreira took on the provocation she wanted to make from the start. However, it is enough to understand the contents of this third written work by the television presenter (and the current director of entertainment and fiction at TVI) for the title to go unnoticed, given the inflamed content of the many annotated comments that are easy to find online are.

First of all, this is a book about crime on social networks. They are people who do not know Cristina Ferreira, who would never say such a thing if they passed her on the street (as the moderator says in the book), but who download these compulsive insults behind those cell phone or computer screens.

Cristina Ferreira says in “Pra Cima de Puta” that she wanted to open the discussion on this topic. He explains that, of course, he is not the only public figure to suffer and that there are always more positive than negative comments on his networks – even if they are plentiful.

The presenter felt these online attacks especially when she announced this summer that she would be returning to TVI, the “mother company”, two years after leaving SIC. Lots of ordinary people on social media have accused her of being a “turncoat” or of lacking principle.

At the same time, other reasons for insulting Cristina Ferreira are given – and the book itself is divided into topics. “Exhibitionist”, “greedy”, “false”, “manipulative”, “convinced”, “shameful”, “traitor” are some of the “thematic” insults usually directed at the author.

As a communications professional, Cristina Ferreira assumes that she is not an expert in the field, but rather reflects on how it can affect people’s lives, the younger generations growing up during this time, and says she wants a testimony from it In the beginning it was social media, often full of hatred, for someone who will read this book in many years.

The moderator says that she doesn’t care about the offensive comments, that they don’t affect her life, but that she has already had phases where she was influenced by this type of opinion – and still briefly talks about the case of the websites or magazines, who have already published lies about you. and how he went to court when a publication found that Cristina Ferreira had cancer.

Cristina Ferreira also argues that people should be held responsible for what they say on social networks. For this book, we have hidden the profile pictures and nicknames of hundreds of people who have sent messages or posted abusive comments on their social networks.

It has over 150 pages loaded with insults.

Only the first names have been retained, also to understand whether it is a woman or a man. The host says she’s mainly attacked by women, many of them with macho thoughts, who, among other things, accuse her of having had some success only in exchange for sexual favors.

Cristina Ferreira explains that being a well-known public figure is obviously an award – although she insists on maintaining the privacy of her home and close family, which is never shown in public.

“Pra Cima de Puta” has a foreword by the author Valter Hugo Mãe – and the last part of the book contains testimonials from experts on the subject, invited by Cristina Ferreira to contextualize the phenomenon and bring valuable information into the discussion you want to open

This is the case with the lawyer Dulce Rocha, the philosopher Joana Rita Sousa, the psychiatrist Júlio Machado Vaz, the sociologist Maria José da Silveira Núncio and the pedagogical psychiatrist Pedro Stretcht.

The offensive message opening the book was sent to him on the morning of his birthday this year in September. Cristina Ferreira says she read it to her closest friends and family during her birthday dinner while laughing, although some of them were uncomfortable with what it was saying. This was the news:

“You are a big cow! You found it so important that you don’t have anything important! You are superfluous! The money went to the big goat head ????! Now you take the Ruben! You are just a frustrated old woman, full of cellulite in those fats. Your hips are so big you almost turn the yacht over! But go home and take care of your child, learn to cook and iron, you smug cow. I can’t bear to hear from you anymore, your voice is like a bimba fish, you revolt the world! “

“Is laughter an instrument for survival? No. It is to know that I can be rested, the aggressions are free and do not suit me. You’re slipping. You fall to the ground. There were times when I was bothered. I felt uncomfortable. Today I feel exposed and aware of my freedom. This book is for that. So that we are all confronted with the impunity of attacking social networks, it does not matter who, without this gesture having consequences. It is important to reflect on and understand this phenomenon. There is an urgent need to legislate. Many will view this book as a provocation. It’s true, it’s a provocation. I tell you that these things are directed to me on a daily basis and that I am still looking for my dreams. You don’t demoralize me. You won’t let me down, ”writes Cristina Ferreira in the introduction to“ Pra Cima de Puta ”, right after this message that she received on her birthday.

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