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Possible trend in France: do you prefer Covid over an injection? | free press

Better to recover than get vaccinated? In France, epidemiologists fear a trend to intentionally become infected with corona. Experts warn: Even with a mild course there is a risk of long-term effects.

Paris (dpa) – People in France are reported to want to deliberately become infected with the coronavirus to avoid vaccination once they recover.

“At worst I’ll be bedridden for a few days, at best I have no symptoms at all,” Franceinfo news channel quoted a 20-year-old as saying on Wednesday.

A 25-year-old told “Le Figaro” newspaper that he no longer wore his mask and was less likely to wash his hands to become infected and get “pass sanitary”. This controversial proof of vaccination, negative test or survived infection should become mandatory in France from Monday for restaurant visits or long journeys on the train. He did not want to wait weeks for the two vaccinations, the young man told the newspaper.

According to the report, a 20-year-old college student said, “Honestly, if a friend tells me she has Covid (…), I might go and make her cough on me.” Another young woman does not necessarily want to get infected, according to “Le Figaro”. But she prefers the disease over vaccination — and would rather her immune system learn to “beat the disease naturally.”

Similar statements are circulating in social networks. For example, one user wrote on Twitter: “I’d rather have Covid once than be vaccinated every three months until the end of my life.” Another user writes that her husband has been quarantined because of Covid-19. “I tried everything to get it. Not possible.”

Experts denounce this attitude. He fears a real trend, says the epidemiologist Philippe Amouyel of the broadcaster LCI. To play “the game of the virus” is a “total mistake”. Young people felt safe, but lately the average age of patients in intensive care with Covid has fallen. And even if the infection is asymptomatic initially, the risk of long-term effects cannot be neglected, Amouyel said.


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