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Posse for Merz candidacy: CDU district chief apologizes | Free press

Meschede / Düsseldorf (dpa) – After asking the local newspaper “Westfalenpost” to stop printing letters to the editor about the campaign candidacy between Friedrich Merz and his opponent in the Hochsauerlandkreis, CDU district chairman Matthias Kerkhoff apologized.

“Influencing the media was and is completely far from me,” Kerkhoff said Friday evening of the German news agency. Before that, there were fierce headwinds on social media.

On Friday, Kerkhoff had written to three local editorial offices of the “Westfalenpost” requesting to stop publishing letters to the editor about the duel between Merz and the current member of the Bundestag Patrick Sensburg. Both want to be nominated by their district association as candidates for the Bundestag on April 17. It can only be one.

Kerkhoff told the dpa: “For me, freedom of the press is one of the highest goods in our free society. I am sorry that my statement could be understood differently and I apologize. “

The question of who should represent the region in the Bundestag in the future will “currently be discussed nationally and extensively editorial reports,” Kerkhoff said. “This is exactly what the media and political decision-making should do. As a district chairman, I wanted to express my concern that an internal party discussion could be further sparked by the increased number of letters to the editor. “

The “Westfalenpost” published Kerkhoff’s letter itself on Friday, stressing that it would continue to print letters to the editor on the subject, as they were part of the process of political will-building: -party contest candidates or contest votes in the run do not match with our journalistic Mission statement. “

The German Association of Journalists (DJV) in North Rhine-Westphalia tweeted: “Without words: the president of the CDU Hochsauerland, Matthias Kerkhoff, asked several editors of the Westfalenpost to stop publishing letters to the editor to vote against Friedrich Merz and MdB Patrick Sensburg. “In a second tweet, the DJV pointed out that Kerkhoff is also the parliamentary director of the CDU faction in the Düsseldorf state parliament. Other users of the social medium called for Kerkhoff’s resignation.

About 480 CDU deputies from the Hochsauerland district will decide at a meeting at a sports stadium on April 17 whether to send Merz or Sensburg as candidates for the federal election. Administrative expert Sensburg, who succeeded Merz in 2009 as a member of the Hochsauerlandkreis in the Bundestag, had already submitted his application in January. Merz officially threw his hat in the ring in early March.


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