Portugal hosts international LGBTI music festival


Portugal hosts international LGBTI music festival

It is scheduled to take place in July with “big names in the music we hear on the radio”. The city is not yet confirmed.

Portugal is preparing to host an international LGBTI music festival. The event will take place in a city other than Lisbon in July. This was announced by the managing director of the Associação Variações, Diogo Vieira da Silva, to “TSF”.

The festival lasts three days and is “intended for this community”. The poster will read “big names in music that we hear on the radio, people from the community or who support them,” said one of the people in charge of the event.

Diogo Vieira da Silva also defended a focus on tourism dedicated to the LGBTI market. “We’re talking about a segment that normally travels five times more than the traditional segment and spends 50 percent more on its travel,” he says, and reckons that LGBTI trade and tourism could generate between two and four billion euros for the Portuguese economy .

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