Portugal appears in “No Look Up” – and with a reference to the monarchy

Portugal, SIC, Sagres and Continente appear in “No Look Up”

It may have gone unnoticed by most of the viewers, but an archive image of our country was used and it doesn’t make any sense.

It was a pretty bizarre choice.

Netflix’s latest movie, which opened on December 24th, brought us a cast full of stars including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Timothée Chalamet, Ariana Grande, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, and others. And as everyone knows, since that day it has been ranked first of the most watched films on the platform (and second in terms of content in general). “Don’t Look Up” was written and directed by Adam McKay and is a satire on the climate crisis.

Jennifer Lawrence plays a student while Leonardo DiCaprio is the teacher. The lead duo discovers that a comet is approaching that has the potential to destroy the earth. They try to warn the whole world through interviews and contacts with high-ranking state officials. But in their hope, no one takes these warnings seriously.

When leaders finally realize that the end is imminent, they begin preparing for space missions to save the planet. One of these missions requires the launch of a rocket that can deflect this giant comet.

During this scene, images from around the world are shown, with desperate citizens looking at the big screens that are broadcasting the mission live. For a few seconds we can see Portugal broadcast by RTP and SIC and sponsored by Sagres, Continente, Jogos Santa Casa and MEO. It is irrefutable to say that this is really about our country.

The picture of the moment when Portugal takes part in the mission.

The moment was shared on Reddit along with the phrase “Nothing in this picture makes sense”. On the big screen we read “American Space Shuttle Savior is launch” and show once again that the Americans consider Portugal and Brazil to be the same country. On the side we see the NASA symbols, the flag of Portugal and, surprisingly, the symbol of the monarchy.

Social network users were quick to criticize the film, mainly because of the mix of Portuguese from Portugal and Portuguese from Brazil. “It sounds to me like they took footage of any sporting event (football on a giant screen) and added some CGI art to the film. What explains the bus (bad translation of an intern and the FPF symbol in the middle, “it says there.” That must have been taken from every euro, possibly 2012 or 16, “says another editor.

Several behind-the-scenes stories about this film have already been revealed – as NiT has related. For example, after Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she smoked weed for the role and said she had a “hell of a day” shooting with Leonardo DiCaprio, it was reported that her fellow protagonist hated a scene in which Meryl Streep appears naked. Then the story was told of DiCaprio having to break into an icy lake to save one of his dogs.

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