Pornhub goes into sex education with a new series

Many people, especially younger people, imagine that what happens in porn movies reflects the reality of sexual acts. Other than being almost impossible to reproduce what you see in the movies that are offered on adult websites! Because of this, Pornhub, which has been very popular especially since first imprisonment, decided to offer sex education through a new series.

Pornhub offers to bridge the gap between porn and reality

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In fact, the pornographic website has just released a series of 11 episodes aimed at narrowing the gap between what we can see in porn movies and the reality. Therefore, the site suggests approaching various topics such as masturbation, the use of condoms, the phenomena that can appear in our body during the act or the human anatomy. In these short videos they are specialists like sexologists trying to sort out a lot of things for those who have questions.

In the first episode, the sex therapist Cat Meyers addresses the question of communication and, in particular, compliance with one’s own limits. For example, she insists that “it is not good to be forced to have sex”.

The series also sticks to Health News and Covid-19 and the sex therapist explains how to continue having sex during a pandemic by protecting yourself. Another sexologist, Jessicia Ross, also recalls the importance of being well protected against Covid-19, citing a recent study showing the presence of the coronavirus in semen. Otherwise, you can still watch the cleanest porn launched by the fighting the Covid pandemic website.

If you want to know more and learn more about sex, head over to the Pornhub website and you can say that this is just for increasing your knowledge!

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