“Pôr do Sol”: Find out more about the history of the new RTP soap (which contains two twins)


“Pôr do Sol”: Find out more about the history of the new RTP soap (which contains two twins)

It opens on August 16 and will have episodes Monday through Friday. Diogo Amaral, Gabriela Barros and Marco Delgado are in the cast.

It’s called “Pôr do Sol” and is the new mini soap opera from RTP1. It will premiere on August 16, has 16 episodes and the public broadcaster has already revealed some details about the story. You can follow the narration Monday through Friday, with episodes broadcasting from 9 p.m. onwards.

The plot follows Matilde Bourbon de Linhaça (Gabriela Barros), who lives under the illusion of finding love for a lifetime. He grew up in the Tejo swamp and watched his father Eduardo (Marco Delgado) become champions.

Lourenço (Diogo Amaral), his childhood friend and son of António (Manuel Cavaco), who has always worked with the family, is the man with whom he will find love. Together they will live an impossible passion in Herdade do Pôr do Sol.

However, there is an ancient secret that can ruin anything. Matilde does not know that her mother Madalena (Sofia Sá da Bandeira) was with António in the past and that lost somewhere is a twin sister who carries the inheritance of her family.

His twin sister is Filipa Martins (also played by Gabriela Barros). She is an unscrupulous entrepreneur who runs a highly regarded fashion magazine called Blaze. There works the photographer Raúl Pimenta (Rodrigo Saraiva), who turns into a hacker at night; and Carla Pinto (Susana Blazer), described by RTP as “an unhappy woman but full of generosity, dreams and marble cake recipes”.

Filipa will join Simão Bourbon de Linhaça (Rui Melo), the calculating, opportunistic, and ex-scientist-uncle who has a plan to destroy his brother Eduardo’s life. “The ground burns where this couple goes. Passion, intrigue, betrayal, laughter, tears, dreams and victories … is there still something missing? ”The public broadcaster leaves the program.

The trailer was also released. The soap opera “Pôr do Sol” can still be seen on RTP Play. Since “O Sabio”, which debuted in 2017, RTP has not bet on a soap opera, but has produced numerous series and television films in recent years.

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