Pop culture meets a post-apocalyptic world in these 8 fascinating works

You will certainly remember Filip Hodas, that artist we already introduced to you on Hitek. He is inspired by pop culture to imagine great works like the skulls of our favorite cartoon characters or a post-apocalyptic world abandoned after the rule of humans. Today he’s back with a new series of 3D illustrations that combine this pop culture universe with an atmosphere at the end of the world.

It must be said that the work of this Czech artist is both sober and remarkable. It puts us in a very strange atmosphere where the characters of our childhood are abandoned in a world where nothing lives.

We invite you to discover Filip Hodas’ new series below and we invite you to follow him on social networks, in particular on his Instagram account.

Spirited Away – Faceless


Rick & Morty

Johnny bravo

Bart Simpson



Mickey mouse

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