Pop characters are finally coming to the store and they’re crazy


Impossible not to know about Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, or more recently Dragon Ball Super? The ’80s manga and cartoon were a worldwide hit, and the sequels bring Son Goku and his loyal friends to life through more complicated adventures. Fortunately, our staunch warrior has no shortage of resources. Today we present you the Funko Pop figures from the Dragon Ball franchise.

Dragon Ball: a collection to own

The collectible figures Funko Pop Dragon Ball and Funko Pop Dragon Ball Z are available from 12.49 euros. These are officially licensed products that come with your window box.

Figure Funko Pop Android C-16 – Dragon Ball ZN ° 708

C-16 is none other than an artificial human created by Doctor Gero. The figure puts him in the spotlight with his green armor, orange haircut and a little bird on his arm.

Funko Pop Figure Bulma Afro – Dragon Ball ZN ° 707

Little Bulma became a woman and she decided to change her hairstyle. She made an afro cut with her gorgeous green hair.

Funko Pop Mecha Frieza Figurine – Dragon Ball ZN ° 705

Freeza is one of the most popular villains and after being destroyed by Son Goku, he returned from the dead in an optimized way with mechanical parts.

Funko Pop Piccolo Figurine – Dragon Ball ZN ° 704

At the beginning of Dragon Ball, Piccolo aka Satan Little Heart wasn’t the one we know now. At the time he had resisted Son Goku, but had been beaten by the young weakling.

Figurine Funko Pop Future Trunks – Dragon Ball ZN ° 702

After Vegeta stayed on Earth, she fell in love with Bulma. From their union a little boy named Trunks was born. He’s also the only character present in two forms, and it’s the version of the future that portrays him with this character.

Figurine Funko Pop Vegeta training outfit – Dragon Ball ZN ° 701

Vegeta wants to become stronger than his old enemy, Son Goku. We therefore find him in training clothes in order to develop further.

Funko Pop Krillin Figure with Disc – Dragon Ball ZN ° 706

Krillin is one of Son Goku’s loyal companions and we find him with his famous disc technique.

Funko Pop Super Saiyan Hercules (Glow in the Dark) Figurine – Dragon Ball Super

This figure is special, it pays homage to Hercules in Super Saiyan mode like we can find in Dragon Ball Super, and it has the specialty of glowing in the dark.

Figure Funko Pop Future Mai – Dragon Ball Super No. 817

The Mayi of the Future is here to help Trunks keep searching with her little daily touches. The figure represents her perfectly with hat and weapon in hand.

Funko Pop Super Saiyan Caulifla Figurine – Dragon Ball Super No. 816

With this figure we find Caulifla in Super Saiyan mode. As a reminder, it comes from Universe 6.

Figurine Funko Pop Super Saiyan Kale – Dragon Ball Super No. 815

Like Caulifla, she is part of Universe 6 and his best friend. She is ready to fight in Super Saiyan mode.

Funko Pop Gohan figurine – Dragon Ball Super No. 813

Gohan is the son of Chichi and Son Golu, we see him running at high speed with this pop!

Figurine Funko Pop Hercules – Dragon Ball Super No. 812

This time with this figure we find Hercules proud with his beautiful outfit and his famous red cape that makes the sign of victory.

Funko Pop XXL Shenron 25 cm figure – Dragon Ball Z.

We are on a 25 cm XXL figure depicting the dragon Shenron, who appears when you collect the 7 crystal balls. In addition, it is located at the base of the latter.

Figurine Funko Pop Majin Boo – Dragon Ball ZN ° 864

One of the characters who caused Son Goku the most trouble in Dragon Ball Z is surely Majin Boo. He can be easily recognized by his blue cloak.

Figurine Funko Pop Super Saiyan Gohan – Dragon Ball ZN ° 858

Gohan is indeed the son of Son Goku and he also manages to transform into a Super Saiyan. In this state, Pop! puts it in the spotlight.

Figurine Funko Pop Majin Vegeta – Dragon Ball ZN ° 862

The figure shows Majin Vegeta with the famous mark on his forehead in Super Saiyan mode and all the energy he gives off around him.

Figurine Funko Pop Super Saiyan Goku – Dragon Ball Z.

Son Goku let his power speak until he turned into a Super Saiyan and no one can stop him to save his friends. The pop! pays homage to him with his famous battle outfit, a blue t-shirt and orange pants.

Figurine Funko Pop Goku & Flying Nimbus – Dragon Ball ZN ° 109

This pop! throws us very far back as we find Goku on his flying cloud and wand.