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Polls: Union continues to lose favor with voters | Free press

In a national survey, the Union’s lead continues to melt away. Spicy: According to the institute, the loss of confidence had already started in advance.

Berlin (dpa) – According to two new studies, the Union is rapidly losing its reputation among the population.

In a new survey by the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy on behalf of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the union party’s approval of the Sunday question fell from 37 percent in early February to 28.5 percent today. The Greens come out at 21 percent, the SPD at 18 percent. The FDP and Links each reach 8.5 percent, the AfD 10 percent.

From the point of view of Allensbach director Renate Köcher, the affair of individual union politicians over protective mask cases is not decisive for the union’s decline in the investigations. The loss of trust had started earlier. The defeat of the CDU in Baden-Württemberg was foreseeable three weeks before the state elections. The main reason for the change of heart is that confidence that “the CDU can face a crisis” has been shaken. For a long time, confidence in the direction of the government was unusually high. Since January, the approval has expired and criticism is growing.

The Union continues to sag in the new RTL / NTV trend barometer. The union ends up on the polling station Sunday issue only 26 percent, three percentage points less than in the previous week. The Greens are not far behind with 22 percent. The SPD comes in at 16 percent in Sunday demand, the FDP at 10, the left at 8 and the AfD at 10 percent.

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