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Police operation in Kassel – Minister wants to continue | Free press

Erfurt / Kassel (dpa) – After several videos showing aggressive operations by Thuringian police officers during a demonstration in Kassel, Thuringian Interior Minister Georg Maier has announced the fallout.

“Naturally, the mission is monitored critically. Because of the photos, I also have urgent questions. I will not hesitate to fully inform the members of the Internal Commission, ”the SPD politician wrote on Twitter Saturday evening.

The video shows Thuringian police officers how they act aggressively and violently against a counter-demonstrator with a bicycle during a demonstration by opponents of the corona control measures in Kassel. Other videos also made the rounds in which police officers use violence against counter-protesters who wanted to block the march.

Some Thuringian politicians had previously responded with criticism of the video’s content. “Insanity. Tell me, Thuringia Police, are you still doing it? To the head, to the face on the bike?” Wrote Katharina König-Preuss, member of the Left State Parliament, on Twitter. In another post she stated that there was a request to the state parliament on the topic “Police brutality by Thuringian police officers in Kassel on March 20, 2021” was ready. “Here there is at least the initial suspicion of physical injury in office,” continues König-Preuss.

Likewise, the group leader from the left, Steffen Dittes, demanded clarification for those affected and the state parliament. The chairman of the Green Group, Astrid Rothe-Beinlich, and her colleague Madeleine Henfling also called for clarification.

The Thuringian police had also responded through the short-message service: “We have taken note of the videos currently circulating on Twitter showing Thuringian officials in action.” Both the videos and your own recordings would be part of the subsequent implementation review. “We always take criticism of mission management, our emergency services and their approach seriously.”

According to police estimates, more than 20,000 people took part in the demo in Kassel on Saturday. The city’s legally upheld conditions, which had actually allowed only 6,000 participants in a double seat in the periphery, were massively ignored.


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