Police officers describe brutality in US Capitol storming | free press


Tears flow at the description of the events. The shock is still deep. Several police officers report the brutal attacks on the US Capitol during the storm.

Washington (AP) – At the first meeting of the Commission of Inquiry into the US Capitol attack on Jan. 6, several police officers vividly described their experiences during that brutal attack.

One of the officials, Aquilino Gonell, said during the US House hearing on Tuesday that he thought he would die that day. He described the outbreak of violence “like something out of a medieval battle”. The officers had to defend themselves step by step against the violent mob with their hands. He and his colleagues were beaten and kicked, beaten with hammers and sticks and chemicals sprayed.

“More than six months later, I am still trying to recover from my injuries,” said the Capitol police officer, who came to tears several times during his testimony. “For most people, January 6 lasted a few hours, but for those of us who were in the middle of it, it never stopped.” The attack caused lasting trauma.

Supporters of then-US President Donald Trump stormed the seat of the US Congress in Washington on January 6. Five people were killed, including a police officer. The congressional committee must investigate the background of the attack.

Police officer Michael Fanone said at the meeting that he had been boxed up, beaten, stunned with a tranquilizer gun and at the same time cursed as a traitor. At the time, he thought there was a high probability “that I would be mauled or shot with my own weapon,” the Washington state police officer said. “I thought of my four daughters who might lose their father.”