Poland’s parliament votes for controversial broadcasting law | free press

The National-Conservative government alliance in Poland has collapsed. Nevertheless, the parliament has to make a decision on a new broadcasting law. The meeting turns into a showdown, now the decision has been made.

Warsaw (dpa) – After the Polish government alliance broke up in the dispute over a new broadcasting law, the parliament in Warsaw approved the amendment. In Wednesday night’s vote, 228 MPs voted in favour, 216 against. 10 others abstained.

The amendment stipulates that in future broadcasting licenses in Poland may only be issued to foreigners if they “have their headquarters or domicile in the European Economic Area”. In addition, the condition applies that the license holder may not be dependent on someone whose principal place of residence or residence is outside this economic area. According to critics, the law focuses on the private broadcaster TVN, which is part of the American group Discovery through a holding company registered in the Netherlands. The news channel TVN24 represents a line that is critical of the PiS.

After the Sejm, the first chamber of parliament, has approved the amendment, it now goes to the Senate, the second chamber. He can still make suggestions for changes.

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