Pokimane in burnout, she explains the reasons


The news on Pokimane, a famous Twitch streamer, is still of interest to readers, with many to follow. Before that, we told you about the latter trolling her fans with a hot tub stream, and today we’re talking about the fact that the streamer has apparently burned out and wants to move away for the time being. , the Twitch platform.

The insane rise of Pokimane on Twitch

Imane Anys, known by her pseudonym Pokimane, has seen a meteoric rise on Twitch. In 2018, the young woman was inducted into the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s most followed video game streamer, and the records have continued to pile up ever since.

At that moment, Pokimane has 8.2 million followers, and the streamer seemed well on the way to continuing her insane rise on the platform. Thanks to his natural happiness, cult reactions, and general content on offer, Pokimane actually seemed sacrosanct on Twitch, yet the young streamer has just admitted she wasn’t the happiest.

The streamer moves away from the platform

We know that Pokimane has a habit of taking breaks when she feels the need to. It must be said that the latter does not shy away from its efforts to advance on Twitch. The streamer has just admitted that she will be staying with her parents indefinitely, contrary to what she had told her followers. The latter explains in more detail:

I enjoyed my return home so much that I extended my stay a little. (…) I really need that. (…) All these years I have lived my life and I have designed it in such a way that I avoid any regrets. But avoiding repentance doesn’t mean you do what you want. They are two very, very different things. I will be able to deal with it. I just need to reset my priorities and find out a few things. I will do my best as I wish you all in such difficult times.

Long-time fans of the streamer won’t be really surprised, as Pokimane regularly stated during her lifetime that she felt tired, even “completely exhausted” and was considering stopping everything as she was on the verge of burnout. The causes seem to be primarily related to the pressure Pokimane feels towards his content. Many followers ask him to stream more regularly so that they can see more and more content. It is likely that the young streamer has not had a deserved rest for a long time and is currently in a bad phase. His fans have to wait for his return to know whether he is distancing himself from the Twitch platform or not.

And if you want to know all about the Pokimane news, you also know that the streamer recently attacked a sexist donor.