Playstyle, talent priorities, and teams

Tartaglia is likely one of the most frequent characters to have a rerun banner in Genshin Affect, and he lately gained one other one, marking it as his third rerun banner. However that doesn’t imply everybody is aware of how his gameplay works.

Newbie gamers might need assistance understanding how the Fatui Harbinger works since his Elemental Talent and Burst utterly change his gameplay and technique. This text will information gamers to Childe’s playstyle and which expertise to prioritize in Genshin Affect.

Genshin Affect: Tartaglia gameplay element and expertise prioritizations

Tartaglia, often known as Childe in Genshin Affect’s Fatui Harbinger, has two distinct modes of assault utilizing his Elemental Talent and is extraordinarily vital for inexperienced persons to grasp.

Riptide status can be seen on the Ruin Guard (Image via HoYoverse)
Riptide standing could be seen on the Spoil Guard (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

However earlier than that, Vacationers additionally must find out about Riptide’s standing. They’ll inflict Riptide utilizing Tartaglia’s Aimed Shot, melee stance, and Elemental Burst (ranged stance solely). If Tartaglia kills an enemy inflicted with Riptide standing, it can deal AoE Hydro injury and apply the standing on the enemies on influence. This passive talent makes Tartaglia so highly effective, particularly towards a mob of enemies.

Tartaglia in his melee stance (Image via HoYoverse)
Tartaglia in his melee stance (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

Utilizing his Elemental Talent Foul Legacy: Raging Tide,’ he’ll change from bow to weaponry from pure Hydro, switching to his melee stance whereas dealing Hydro injury within the course of. On this stance, his Regular Assault will change to six consecutive Hydro slashes whereas his Charged Assault will launch a two-slash flurry.

Tartaglia's Elemental Skill Skill Attributes (Image via HoYoverse)
Tartaglia’s Elemental Talent Talent Attributes (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

Nonetheless, remember the fact that Tartaglia’s Regular Assault and Elemental Talent have completely different talent attributes. Since he offers essentially the most injury within the melee stance, Elemental Talent is the expertise that ought to be prioritized essentially the most, whereas Regular Assault is the least.

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As soon as gamers determine to modify to a different character, be certain to modify stances again by tapping on the Elemental Talent once more, or his Elemental Talent cooldown might be for much longer. The shortest CD is 6 seconds, whereas the very best is 45 seconds.

Elemental Burst in the ranged stance (Image via HoYoverse)
Elemental Burst within the ranged stance (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

Tartaglia’s Burst Havoc: Obliteration‘ in Genshin Affect additionally has two completely different assaults primarily based on what stance he’s on. Within the ranged stance, he’ll fireplace a Hydro-imbued magic arrow in an AoE, dealing Hydro injury. Whereas within the melee stance, he’ll carry out a slashing Hydro assault inside an AoE.

If Elemental Burst hits an enemy affected by Riptide, the impact might be consumed in a Hydro explosion, which offers much more AoE Hydro injury. Since Tartaglia’s Burst solely requires 60 Power, some gamers make the most of him as Burst assist. However most in the neighborhood use him as the primary DPS within the group. Gamers undoubtedly must give attention to the Elemental Burst expertise after the Elemental Talent.

Greatest Groups for Tartaglia in Genshin Affect 3.2

Vaporize Team with Tartaglia (Image via HoYoverse)
Vaporize Staff with Tartaglia (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

The Fatui Harbinger could be deployed to varied groups, particularly when he’s the primary DPS. A few of his most well-known groups are as follows:

  1. Vaporize Staff (Tartaglia + Xiangling + Kazuha + Bennett)
  2. Electro-Cost Staff (Tartaglia + Raiden Shogun + Yae Miko + Bennett)
  3. Freeze Staff (Tartaglia + Kaeya + Kazuha + Diona)
  4. Nationwide Staff (Tartaglia + Raiden Shogun + Xiangling + Bennett)

With the addition of the Dendro component in Genshin Affect, gamers may also attempt to deploy him in any associated Dendro group, like Bloom and Burgeon. Nonetheless, Tartaglia not often matches the brand new component for veterans as he does his job higher, even with out the help of Dendro.

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Childe at the moment has a complete of 4 banners in Genshin Affect, so half the neighborhood might have already got this Fatui Harbinger. He’s undoubtedly a power to be reckoned with, particularly in difficult battles such because the Spiral Abyss.

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