Playstation has tips on how to get the console before Christmas


For the past few days, it has been impossible to escape the madness of the PlayStation 5, which has simply melted Sony stocks. While many of us are wondering how to bring the brand new console to market, it seems that PlayStation France heard our calls for help and decided to tell us a little more about the stocks. getting high.

PS5 out of stock

To get the PS5 in France on November 19, you had to go through the pre-order box. Despite this system, some were unable to obtain their consoles. It got even more complicated when it came to those who wanted to wait a bit before taking the plunge, and for good reason stores reported inventory levels everywhere. It has to be said that certain groups of speculators have not gone hand in hand by ordering consoles en masse for resale. The prices of the latter have also exploded online.

As a result, players feared that a global shortage would be seen quickly, and those fears were well founded as of yesterday. We learned from the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment that the very last copies of the console had been put up for sale. A worldwide PS5 that is out of stock has therefore been confirmed by Jim Ryan himself. Many internet users were disappointed, especially those who expected to receive the PS5 for Christmas or to buy it for someone else. Today’s Playstation France Twitter account wanted to calm the crowd.

The official Playstation account message

Playstation France’s official Twitter account has informed all potential future customers that new PS5s will be produced and sold in large quantities before Christmas:

Keep in touch with your usual stores and online sales pages for the next # PS5 availability. [2/2]

November 25, 2020

As you may have read, the company invites us to regularly check out the convenience stores and websites that gamers are used to having the chance to be the first to spot and go with a PS5 as soon as the Supply is full. At the moment, however, we do not know whether the inventory that Sony expects will be sufficient to keep everyone who is still satisfied. However, we can agree on one point: this is good news as some have been relatively pessimistic about potential inventory that was shipped before the Christmas holidays. This wait will certainly increase the stakes even further.