Players who pre-ordered it from Amazon can wait a very long time

With the coronavirus pandemic in full swing, there will be many delays in 2020. Movies, series and even video games are affected by this exceptional situation, which will also affect retailers. And while pre-orders for the Xbox S and X series have gone well, players who pre-ordered their console on Amazon will have to be patient.

Patience patience …

The Xbox S and X series will be released on Tuesday, November 10th. Players who have pre-ordered them will have the opportunity to get their hands on the next generation of consoles on Microsoft’s side. Unfortunately, resellers, even the largest, are feeling the low inventory levels drastically. On Twitter, an American gamer who pre-ordered an Xbox Series X from Amazon received a message from the e-commerce giant informing them that they may not receive their console before December 31st.

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November 9, 2020

A delay was announced, but gamers didn’t necessarily expect a delay of nearly two months. Nevertheless, Amazon states in its message that it will “make every effort” to satisfy its customers as best as possible. Unfortunately, low inventory levels will likely improve the platform’s durability. Amazon also advises that stocks will fill up over the weeks, suggesting that new shipments may then be planned. However, some players need to be patient.

Delays that can also be felt on the Sony side. Next generation console stocks were quickly taking by storm and low stocks quickly sold out. Given the demand and in order to respect the health restrictions in force in France as much as possible, Sony has decided not to sell a console in stores. First of all, for a console launch, it remains to be seen whether this initiative will only last for the period of containment or not. For the time being, this unprecedented situation consists, among other things, in additional delays in delivery. Hopefully everyone can get their consoles before the holiday season.

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