Pizza Hut has the most WTF pizza ever

Are you the guy who just eats the pizza crust? Imagine the new Pizza Hut pizza is made for you! In fact, the brand has just achieved a social media marketing stunt by launching Stuffed Crust, a 100% crust pizza with no side dish.

The ideal pizza for all crust lovers

It might sound pretty crazy to bring this product to market, but the American pizza giant was still offering this pizza with no topping and only crust to its customers in Los Angeles.

This original pizza was on sale between January 5th and 7th and sold for $ 10. But be careful, this isn’t just a crust pizza … the dough is filled with cheese.

A great publicity stunt for the brand that marketed this unusual pizza to mark the 25th anniversary of their famous filled crust pizza. And if you are a pizza and cinema lover, we recommend our Z42, which has pizzas embedded in horror films!

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