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Pinguin and Leya deliver books home in a few minutes

Publishers can deliver books at home in just a few minutes

Leya and Penguin have developed services that enable construction to reach customers faster.

Books at home in minutes.

Grocery shopping, fruit, vegetables, milk and yogurt and even ready-to-eat meals like sushi, pizza or hamburgers. All of this is available in a few minutes and with home delivery in various services. The same thing is happening now with books, at least those from Leya and Penguin Random House.

The two publishers have developed different services that allow them to reach customers’ homes much faster. In the case of Penguin, it has partnered with the well-known Glovo platform. The brand promises to deliver multiple works in a few minutes. This is the first bookstore to be part of the delivery service offer.

Currently this option is only available in the city of Lisbon. Access is via the Glovo application. There is a large selection of cookbooks, essays, children’s stories and biographies. Some of the suggestions are Barack Obama’s “A Promised Land”; or “Felicidade”, João Tordo’s latest novel.

Companhia das Letras, Arena, Suma de Letras, Alfaguara, Objiva, Letter Cloud and Ink Cloud are some of the hallmarks of Penguin. This is also an option for sending gifts as they can reach family and friends in a cloth bag.

Leya’s service is available on the publisher’s website. It’s called Leya Express and it promises to deliver books in less than two hours. In this case, it is also used for offering, as there is the option of choosing delivery with packaging.

Currently, this Leya service can only be ordered for Lisbon and the Cascais line. It should reach other cities in 2021. There are also several suggestions from this publisher. On the website, all you have to do is enter the postcode where you want the delivery to be made, select the books and make the payment. All very easy and without leaving the house.


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