Phil Spector, one of the greatest producers of all time (and convicted murderer), died

Phil Spector, one of the greatest producers of all time (and convicted murderer), died

He changed music history but was jailed for 11 years for the death of an actress. Several media outlets claim he is infected with Covid-19.

Phil Spector, once considered one of the greatest music producers in the world and spent the past few years in prison for murder, died, a crime he has always denied.

Spector was in a hospital wing he was moved to from prison after he was allegedly diagnosed with Covid-19, Sky News reported. According to the broadcaster, the 81-year-old Spector had shown improvement in the face of the illness, but suffered an unexpected relapse. However, the official cause of death is not disclosed by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, where he has been incarcerated since 2009.

That year, the producer was sentenced to at least 19 years without parole for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson. Despite the verdict, Spector maintained his innocence, saying the actress, who she met hours earlier in a nightclub, committed suicide at her mansion after spending the night together in 2003.

Spector left an impact on the music that can be difficult to pinpoint or calculate. In addition to the obvious magical note, the Bronx-born composer was a completely different producer than the others in the US on records like “Let It Be” by the Beatles and themes like “You Lost That Lovin ‘Feeling” by the Righteous Brothers: He intervened, composed, added and changed the songs for the better, according to the musicians who worked with him.

He was also responsible for developing a production method, the Wall of Sound, which has changed the way thousands of records have been produced since then. This system has to do with creating a baffle where multiple instruments are recorded together on one wall, creating an unprecedented effect. He also worked with several women’s groups from the 1960s and worked with names as diverse as The Ramones or Leonard Cohen.

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