Pharmacies will soon be allowed to issue vaccination certificates again | free press

After a server has been hacked, vaccinated individuals cannot get certificates in pharmacies. But that should change again.

Berlin (dpa) – From next week, pharmacies in Germany should gradually be able to issue corona vaccination certificates again.

The Federal Ministry of Health informed the German News Agency on Friday that pharmacies will gradually regain access to the portal of the German Pharmacists Association (DAV) in the coming week and thus be able to issue vaccination certificates again. The DAV had stopped the exhibition in consultation with the ministry, because there were reports of a security breach on Thursday.

The Handelsblatt therefore managed to create a guest account on the DAV server for a non-existent pharmacy owner “using professionally forged documents”, with which two vaccination certificates were subsequently issued online.

According to the Ministry of Health, only the few hundred pharmacies that are not members of the DAV may have been affected by the vulnerability. “All access granted has already been checked and verified. According to the current state of knowledge, no fraud has been committed when drawing up vaccination certificates,” the ministry said.

Efforts are also underway to increase the security of the issuance of vaccination certificates by integrating the process into the telematics infrastructure. The telematics infrastructure digitally connects various players in the healthcare sector, such as doctors and health insurers.

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