Personality test: which superhero are you?

It often happens that as a kid you choose a character you like and let the world know that you are the superhero in real life. Children have this imagination and creativity that we lose over time. To counter this, we encourage you to dive back into your favorite superhero movies and series and take our personality test to find out what kind of superhero you really are, deep down inside you.

Everyday superheroes

There are many ways to become an everyday superhero. Perhaps you recently offered to eat for someone in need, perhaps you are involved in a cause close to your heart, or you may be taking the time to visit older people who are good maskers of their nose and mouth to them to give some comfort.

However, sometimes we feel the desire, even the need, to escape this reality, this daily life. Then come the fictional superheroes who bring us joy and hope. Who have you ever dreamed of Batman? Spider Man? Dead Pool ? A member of the Vought Seven in The Boys? A member of the Umbrella Academy? Heroes abound in modern film and television productions.

Netflix and Amazon Prime are two platforms that also feature new genre superheroes. We believe this is just the beginning of a genre that is constantly looking to innovate. While we wait for other superheroes to land, we invite you to find out who you would be among the heroes present.

The personality test that is good for morale

In order to conduct this test, we can only recommend honesty, which is essential for any self-respecting superhero. Are you ready to discover the one in you? So let’s go!

Are you satisfied with your result? Amazed? In any case, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section! And to vary the joys, you can take our previous personality test to find out which anime hero you are if you want to keep the momentum going.

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