“People invaded my privacy in the hospital”


Salvador Sobral accuses the press: “I’m not that interested anymore”

In an interview with “El Pais” the singer complained that his privacy had been violated during his hospital stay.

The singer is happier these days.

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper “El País” about his new music project, Salvador Sobral revealed some surprising stories that occurred at the height of his fame in the months following winning the Eurovision Festival in May 2017.

It was already known that while attending the festival, Salvador Sobral had serious health problems. Shortly after the victory, which stopped Portugal, he even had to be hospitalized and given a heart transplant. During this time, the singer’s privacy was repeatedly attacked.

“In the hospital, people invaded my privacy. Journalists came in wanting photos and interviews … it was crazy ”. And he adds: “Then it passed because it is no longer so important to me.”

His visit to the hospital was news in Portugal and abroad at the time. Now the author of “Amar Pelos Dois” says from a distance and perspective that he is grateful for his new life: “I’m in a quiet phase, even if I can’t cover what I charged in 2017. the money still pays off because I’ve never failed. “

On May 28th, Salvador Sobral started his latest project “bpm”. A CD composed entirely by himself.