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Pence Rejects Trump’s Constitutional Removal | Free press

Since the riots in the Capitol, Democrats have demanded that US President Donald Trump immediately leave office. They asked his deputy to initiate a process for this. But Mike Pence was silent for days – until now.

Washington (AP) – Incumbent US Vice President Mike Pence has officially rejected the immediate removal of President Donald Trump through a constitutional amendment.

In a letter to Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, published on Tuesday evening (local time), Pence explained his reasons. Such action, which he and some cabinet members were required to initiate, was neither in the interest of the nation nor in accordance with the constitution and would “set a terrible precedent,” argued the Republican. The 25th amendment to the constitution allowed Pence to declare the president incapable of performing his duties with a majority of key cabinet members.

Angry Trump supporters broke into the Capitol during a congressional session on Wednesday last week – after an inflammatory speech from Trump – and wreaked havoc and destruction there. The unprecedented outbreak of violence in the political center of the United States caused a shock at home and abroad. The Democrats hold Trump personally responsible for the riots and demand that he be immediately removed from office.

Pelosi had publicly called on Pence on Thursday to seek impeachment under Article 25 of the U.S. Constitution – even if Trump’s tenure ends in a few days anyway.

Pence had been publicly silent about the request so far. The Democrats wanted to pass a resolution in the House of Representatives on Tuesday evening (local time) to also formally call on Pence to initiate the removal of Trump via the constitutional amendment.

In his letter to Pelosi, Pence wrote that after the “terrible” and “tragic” events of the past week, it was now time to come together to “heal” the country and ensure an orderly handover to the government of the future. Democratic President Joe Biden. He did not want to participate in “political games,” Pence emphasized. He also called on Pelosi and all members of the United States Congress to avoid any action that further divided and heated the vote.

The Democrats – in parallel to the call to Pence – have begun preparations for a parliamentary impeachment trial against Trump. You accuse the president of “inciting uproar”. A vote on this charge is expected in the Lower House on Wednesday, which will officially open such an impeachment procedure. A majority for this is considered certain. The actual trial would take place in the second Chamber of Congress, the Senate. There, a two-thirds majority would be needed to ultimately condemn Trump.

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