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Part 2 on Netflix is ​​revealed with a harrowing trailer

The first season of Lupine on Netflix caused a real tidal wave not only in France, but also internationally. We then identified some positive or negative criticisms regarding this first part to give you a variety of points of view. One thing is certain: the series has done very well on Netflix, so today we have the opportunity to watch the trailer for Part 2 of the series.

Warning: This article has a lot of loot related to Part 1 of Lupine. Make sure you’ve seen it before reading any further.

Part 2 of the Lupine series on Netflix

Building on the success of the Lupine franchise around the world, the Netflix platform announced the release of a second part over the course of the summer from at least January 2021:

Lupine Part 2 … this summer! pic.twitter.com/bgWujbrtZ1

January 28, 2021

We also had the right to a first enticing teaser, which is here if you missed it:

Today the Netflix platform spoiled us not with a teaser, but with the very first trailer for Part 2 of Lupine. Something that makes our mouth water!

The Lupine Part 2 Trailer on Netflix

Netflix has just released the official trailer for Part 2 of Lupine on the YouTube platform:

As you can see, this trailer gives us a glimpse into our favorite hero’s next moves, with stunts and speed bumps that will make our mouths water. Paris city maps conducted by
George Kay and François Uzan are definitely still beautiful. And as internet users assumed in their survey carried out on May 10, 2021, this second part will see the light of day on June 11, 2021.

Does this trailer meet your expectations? Do not hesitate to send us your feedback in the comments section as well as via our survey! While you wait for this second season to release, you can still watch the 10 movies on Netflix that we recommend if you enjoyed Lupine’s first season.


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