Paraguay: Violent riots during anti-government demonstration | Free press

The health system in Paraguay is on the verge of collapse due to the corona pandemic. Health Minister Julio Mazzoleni has already resigned. Now there have been serious riots.

Asunción (dpa) – Anti-government protests have sparked serious riots in Paraguay.

After an initially peaceful demonstration against corruption and the shortage of drugs in the corona pandemic, attackers threw stones at the police in the center of the capital, Asunción, the television channel ABC showed. The officers fired rubber bullets into the crowd and used tear gas.

In the South American country, the health system is on the verge of collapse. Recently, the government had to admit that there is a lack of important drugs for treating Covid-19 patients and that almost all beds in the intensive care units of public hospitals are occupied. Health Minister Julio Mazzoleni resigned due to public pressure.

So far it has been shown that more than 165,000 people in Paraguay are infected with the corona virus. More than 3,200 patients have died of Covid-19 disease, according to the Ministry of Health. Paraguay is about the same size as Germany and Switzerland combined, but has only a good seven million inhabitants. Health care is often poorly developed, especially in rural areas.

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