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Pam & Tommy: The series that tells the true story of Pamela Anderson’s famous sex tape

Pam & Tommy: The series that tells the true story of Pamela Anderson’s famous sex tape

It all happened in the ’90s, when the Live Tides actress and her husband Tommy Lee were robbed and their intimacy exposed.

The series consists of eight episodes.

Telling the true story of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s famous sextape, the Pam & Tommy miniseries premieres Wednesday, February 2nd on the Disney+ streaming platform. There are eight episodes in total.

It was 1995 when she married Tommy Lee, musician of Mötley Crüe, just 96 hours after first seeing Pamela Anderson. During their honeymoon — where they practically met — the two filmed some of their sexual interactions.

The VHS tape was eventually stolen and leaked online without the couple’s consent – one of the first examples of how a recording of this content could go viral, largely due to the popularity of the “Marés Vivas” star at the time.

Although the series focused on this story, the producers were unable to get Pamela Anderson’s approval or approval. According to Entertainment Weekly magazine, there were several attempts at contact during the process, but the actress never responded. Lily James herself, who plays Anderson on the series, was involved in this effort.

The producers bought the rights to an article in Rolling Stone magazine published in 2014 that covered the case and dispelled some myths that had sprung up around the episode. “It’s one of those stories that you can’t believe that hasn’t been made into a movie or series yet,” showrunner Robert Siegel told the publication. “The article dates back to 2014 and it was quite amazing to find out that the rights were acquired shortly after it was published. It screams ‘miniseries’ to me.”

The idea has always been to create an empathetic story for Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee – and the producers wanted to give the former ‘Live Tides’ star that guarantee from the start. “We especially wanted to tell Pamela that our performance would be positive, that we care about her and wanted her to know that the show loves her. We didn’t get an answer, but considering what he’s been through, it’s understandable,” another showrunner, DV DeVincentis, told Entertainment Weekly.

Still, the project went ahead – with such a positive outlook on Anderson. “If you have to name the person the show has the most empathy for, it’s Pam,” comments Siegel. “We’re taking sides – when you talk about the show and the tape, I was shocked at how many people took that [Pamela e Tommy] involved, I’m glad I was able to sort that out. You are clearly being portrayed as a victim of a crime – and that is exactly what happened.”

When the pictures were released, many assumed the couple had sold the sextape in search of more fame and money. That didn’t happen at all: the cassette was stolen by an electrician.

“We tried to change the narrative of what happened. And it was an opportunity for us to see history from today’s perspective and the outrage and atrocities that followed,” adds filmmaker Craig Gillespie (author of “Cruella” or “I, Tonya”), director of three of the episodes, added.

The showrunners explain that the series is very realistic based on the article in “Rolling Stone” – the only thing they had to invent was the dialogue between the characters.

This story is also relevant because it changed the paradigm of so-called sextapes. “We’re living in a post-sextape era of Pam and Tommy,” says DeVincentis. “That tape started it all, and everyone who’s followed the case and seen him uncover it has released their own footage,” the showrunner adds, referring to people who have allegedly released their sextapes over the years looking to have published become even more famous.

“As a result, many assume that Pam and Tommy did it too, when in fact the opposite happened. When the pictures became public, they were shocked and traumatized. The show is all about Pamela Anderson’s strength and her heroism behind the scenes, how she handled it.”

On the other hand, the showrunners assume they didn’t worry about Lee the same way: “Tommy is a public figure and I think we treated him well enough. And we knew by now that he loved the series.” The musician is played by Sebastian Stan.

The cast includes Seth Rogen, Taylor Schilling, Nick Offerman, Paul Ben-Victor, Paul Sinacore, Pepi Sonuga and Mozhan Marnò.

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